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India is a country which is full of resources. If you want to explore India for handicraft you must visit Uttar Pradesh for its long living artistry. The masterpieces of handicrafts lies in the city. Uttar Pradesh is consists of several cities which have their own features of creating unique handicraft items like leather crafts is famous in Agra and Kanpur, carpet weaving industry is majorly owned by the city of Mizapur, production of silk sarees is in Varanasi,  one of the most popular and major export item is fabrics of chickenkari from the city of Lucknow, metalware from Moradabad, glassware from Firozabad.

Several other crafts are glass bangles, stonework, terracotta, zardozi, wooden craft, pottery making, sculptures, textile which are found in Uttar pradesh.


  • CHICKEN KARI – It is one of the delicate work done on the fabric with intricate needle work. It is very famous in international marker as well. When you visit in the city of Lucknow, you will find chicken kari work everywhere. It is perfect summer wear, beautiful embroidery is done on the fabrics like cotton, chiffon, silk with hand embroidery which can be flat or can be in form of motifs. Very beautiful motifs are made on the fabric with fine needle work to make the fabric look perfect .Chicken kari kurta pyjamas are majorly worn by Nawabs of Lucknow and are now popular in India. White embroidery is done on white cloth which can be died in different colours as well and it is exported all over India. When you visit Lucknow you will see the different qualities of chickenkari according to the type of fabric. During summers this is the best fabric which make you feel comfortable and are worn by the girls and women at office or at home to get rid of heat. This chickenkari work on cotton fabric looks so royal and classy and enhances your elegant personality. This is now world renowned.
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  • ZARDOZI – One of the famous art of Varanasi is zari work also called as zardozi. This work is specially done keeping in mind the type of threads which are used in embroidery, special blend of gold and silver threads are used to enhance the beauty of the fabric . When you see the zardozi work you will find it much time and energy consuming as it takes lot of efforts of the artisans to bring out an outstanding piece of fabric. This zardozi embroidery gives a royal look and in marriages one of the dress a bride carries with her is of zardozi work. When you see any Bollywood celebrity on their wedding, saree with zari embroidery is the attire on one of the wedding function. It is an expensive work, beads and stone is also done along with embroidery to give exquisite look to the fabric.
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  • CARPET WEAVING – Another art and craft work of the Uttar Pradesh state is the carpet weaving. Exotic designs of flora and fauna are made at the time of carpet weaving. It is also a unique skill of the artisans of the city of Mizapur who produce such carpets which are not only popular in India but in International markets as well. It involves a big export industry which reflects the cultural expression. Carpets are used as a home as well as office décor. These add value to the drawing and dining areas when placed well. When you keep carpets of beautiful designs at home , it shows your classy and cultural taste to the people who visit your place and gives an ethnic touch to the place.
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  • GLASSWARE – Uttar Pradesh is the state where huge variety of glass ware can be seen. You will find colourful glass bangles in the city of Firozabad. Every girl or a woman loves to wear bangles on traditional occasions. In India, there are several religious as well as traditional ceremonies where women wear bangles. Bangles comes different sizes, colours, designs which can be chosen as per taste. Another glassware products are cutlery sets which can be used at home and are beautiful gifting item, chandliers which are most famous item of home and office décor, they adds the beauty to the place, glass toys, glass beads which are major part of export, glass plates etc.
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  • STONEWARE – Stone ware is also very popular craft of India which is majorly produced in Uttar Pradesh and is world renowned. This craft includes marble craft items, sculptures, garden furniture, mirror frames, bowls. Various types of idols and statues of marble and stone are made and looks amazingly beautiful. These items are useful gift items as well. The true example of stone craft is Taj Mahal which is situated in Agra city, the craftsmanship is so beautifully done which embarks the beauty of the place.
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  • METALWARE – Metalware is the unique and interesting craft. You will find intricate engraving on metals on which colours are also added to give them exquisite look. You will find in Uttar Pradesh different metal ware craft items like trays, stools, laughing buddha, vase, god and goddess figurines, these items can be used as decorative as well as gifting items. When you place metal ware craft items at your place it adds a value and reflects your elegant and royal taste. Nakashi is the work which is done on metal items with pointed steel pencil and involves good amount of time in giving these pieces of art a royal and exquisite look.Related image


  • PERFUMERY INDUSTRY – Another very interesting thing about Uttar Pradesh is the perfumery industry which produce lasting and delicate fragrances by using aromatic herbs and make perfumes out of oils as well. Different fragrances are rose, chameli, zafran, agar, khus These are largely produced in the Kanauj and major perfume making industry is situated here. People all around the globe use perfumes in daily life. When you go out for any purpose like for shopping, work, attending ceremonies etc you need long lasting good perfume , you will find huge variety of perfumes in Kanauj of Uttar Pradesh.
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  • TERRACOTTA – Terracotta is the making of clay figures which are made by pieces of mud on the wheel and cave them giving different shapes. You will find lot of terracotta items which are made by the local artisans who use their skills to make beautiful items which looks so attractive . Large number of tourists who visit Uttar Pradesh adorns these items.
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  • POTTERY – Pottery making is another famous work which is also called Khurja which is tough table ware. The products which are made have the ability to keep water cold during hot summer season as well. Different colours are added to the products to make them much more attractive. This unique style of pottery making enchant every visitor. Now days these items are available at all fairs so that people all around the globe can admire the beauty of such products.
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In Uttar Pradesh, the famous architect is in Agra which is Taj Mahal , the world famous tourist spot, called as epitome of love. When you visit Agra , you must visit Agra to admire the beauty of the architect. Various tourist attractions in this state are Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra and some religious places like Mathura and Vrindavan which called the land of Lord Krishna. All the Krishna devotees must visit this place. Large numbers of handicraft items of India are from Uttar Pradesh. You will find artisans of the state making craft items in the streets by using their skills. They put in lot of efforts, time and energy to make beautiful pieces of art and craft which are world renowned.

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