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Yoga vs Gym – What Is Better and How?

The most crucial thing in life is your health. As I talk about health what comes to your mind is your Body, but it is not only the outer body, the main health problems are associated with internal body and mind. Physical, as well as mental well being, is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle. You love to see yourself fit with the amazing body and figure and forgetting that you go to Gym, try to do exercises at home but by doing all this you will not get mental peace. Yoga not only makes your body flexible and energetic for doing different kinds of Yoga Poses but also enhance your mental energy which actually has a significant role in attaining good health. If you feel relaxed, stress-free you will be able to work in the much more efficient manner which automatically improves your outer health making you look fresh, fit, enhance your inner glow, more energetic, full of positivity in life which is really important in today’s life.

Let’s Know About the Top 10 Facts About Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym:

1. Yoga Enhances Your Inner Energy – Yoga is really very helpful in increasing the inner energy which makes you more efficient to do anything in the more efficient way which on doing gym will not help in gaining inner energy as you feel tired after the gym but after yoga, you feel energized.


2. Yoga Helps to Maintain Balance Between Mind and Body – When you start doing yoga in daily routine life, you will find a difference, it will help you to maintain balance as yoga involves meditation which automatically creates a connection between mind and body which on doing gym you will not be able to maintain.

3. Yoga Improves Physical and Mental Well Being – Yoga will not only help to improve your physical appearance but yoga posture has a great impact on mental fitness as well. Yoga – is a union which helps to control your mind from several other things and makes your body feel good from inside and outside which cannot be attained from the gym.


4. Yoga Brings in Positivity in Life – Yes, positivity is the real thing which can be attained through Yoga, not by the gym. When you do yoga at home or at any other place you do different poses in which some poses will lead to meditation which makes you feel out of the world. When you open your eyes after yoga you feel that you have gained some different kind of energy in yourself which makes you feel positive from inside.

5. Yoga Makes Your Body Flexible – Yoga postures are very much different than gym exercises. In yoga, your whole body is united with your mind and you do more of yoga poses with ease as your body responds to your mind making it more flexible.

6. Yoga Helps to Reduce Body Pains and Other Ailments – Yoga is not only helpful in reducing body pains, yoga postures are really effective in curing body ailments and aches.  If you suffer from headaches or joint pains or from a regular cough and cold then yoga is the best solution which can yield results in a much more healthier manner which can never be done by going to the gym.



7. Yoga Helps to Fight Against Stress and Depression – Yoga is something which is practiced since ancient times. When you perform some yoga postures your body reacts to your mind, both get involved in performing one particular pose, this involvement brings certain kind of peace and controls your depression and stress levels resulting in happiness. Certain yoga poses are especially for overcoming stress and depression as it relaxes your mind and helps to release emotional energy making you feel breathe more efficiently.

8. Yoga Helps to Reduce Weight Naturally and Injury- Free – Yoga is very beneficial in reducing weight without any injury. When you do yoga, you do it with ease in a way you feel good about it, not like the gym where you have to do hard exercises and some are with weight lifting which can cause injury at any place of your body and can be harmful but with yoga, there is no such risk is involved. Yoga changes your mindset about your body to eat healthy things automatically and you tend to reduce weight naturally.

9. Yoga Increases Concentration Power – Yoga helps to stabilize your mind. When you do yoga you get deeply involved in it and goes with the flow which on regular practice increases your concentration power which will definitely help you in your life which cannot be achieved through the gym.

10. Yoga Can Be Done at Any Place and Saves Money as Well – For doing yoga you do not need to search places, you can easily do it at your home or any other place which you like, it makes you free from any time or place boundation where you have to be present at a particular time, you can do where ever you want at your preferred time which also saves your money but at gym you are bound to pay. You can do yoga by wearing any clothes which are comfortable to you and can move freely.

Yoga gives power and energy not only to your body but also to mind to make it feel much more relaxed. It creates a unique bond between your mind and body and increases motivation in life and helps you to understand what your mind thinks and move your body accordingly to live stress-free and healthier life. If you want to live a healthy life, you need to build strong mental abilities which can make yourself energetic, sharpen your mind resulting in a strong flexible body, weight loss and glowing skin with different yoga poses which are designed to give calming effect for the development of strong mind and healthy body.




Written by:
Supriya Arora






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