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Enlighten up Your Homes This Diwali 2018 with Non-Toxic & Natural Soy Wax Candles with Premium Essential Oil Fragrances by Arvedikas.

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If you are one of those nature loving person who is looking to make Diwali clean & green, then we have got a creative idea for you, light up your homes with Arvedikas Natural Soy Wax Scented Candles that are beautifully handcrafted & eye catching home décorative candles with that are blended with natural essential oils for high aromatic fragrances that makes the surroundings lively and also cuts-off negativity. Soy wax is the natural product when blended with Natural essential oils will produce sweet smelling aroma without any harmful chemicals and relieves stress, anxiety and depression and has lasting effect and are burnt properly whereas Paraffin mix candles will primarily produce water vapour and carbon dioxide which are harmful for health. So this upcoming festive season of Diwali and Christmas, lighten up your homes with Arvedikas Natural Soy wax Scented Candles to & feel the aroma of luxury & divine fragrances. These candles are non toxic natural decorative scented candles that can fetch many compliments when placed at your home or office at festive seasons and can embrace your surroundings in an eco-friendly way.

9 Top Most Amazing DéCorative Arvedikas Natural Soy Wax Scented Candles and Their Benefits

  • ROSE SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Rose scented candles has sweet floral fragrance which evokes emotions. When you inhale rose fragrance it gives calming effect which soothes down stress and depression. When you inhale the fragrance of rose scented candles it will bring magic and twinkle in your eyes.
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  • JASMINE SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Jasmine scented candles has sedative properties which gives sweet and pleasant fragrance and reminds of romantic memories. It uplifts the mood and helps to fight against anxiety. It gives you a sweet pleasant fragrance and reminds of some romantic memories.Jasmine Soy Wax candle
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  • NAGCHAMPA SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Nag champa scented candles has pleasant smell of nagchampa flowers and provides fascinating aroma which acts as stress buster. It has sweet earthy long lasting and fresh fragrance which is so pleasing and fascinating and helps to calm mind.
  • Nag champa Soy wax candle
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  • LAVENDER SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Lavender scented candles has floral sweet and woody fragrance like of fresh flowers which has soothing effect and promotes sound sleep. It also provides stimulating sedative fragrance to relax, calm stress and anxiety.Lavender Soy Wax Candle
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  • PATCHOULI SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Patchouli scented candles has woody spicy fragrance which is classic and sophisticated. It is very effective in providing relaxation to mood and has mysterious fragrance which clears the surroundings with any sort of negativity and leaves you in pleasant mood. These are very attractive decorative candles.


  • SANDALWOOD SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Sandalwood scented candles gives high aroma and sweet woody fragrance which helps to clams mind and body and decreases depression and fills up positivity in the environment. It is mostly used for sacred purposes and on burning it you will feel the positive fresh aromatic fragrance around you.
  • Sandalwood Soy wax Candle
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  • LOTUS SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Lotus scented candles possess such fragrance which represents purity as it provides peace and relaxation to your mood. It is one of the candle which is associated with Indian culture and symbolizes the warmth by giving soothing aroma which is used at every spiritual event as it has certain energies which makes the surroundings pure and cleans negativity by inculcating peace.



  • LEMONGRASS SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Lemongrass scented candles has citrus sweet smell are very helpful n uplifting mood, makes the surroundings clear off  infections as it acts as natural mosquito and insect repelling agent. It has such fragrance which soothes and sharpens the senses. It is very effective in warding off  negativity around you.
  • Lemon Grass Soy Wax Candle
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  • VANILLA SOY WAX SCENTED CANDLE – Vanilla scented candles has sweet fragrance which has long lasting effect and best used during festive season which fills the environment with soft and sweet and adds a soft glow to your home. These provide soothing effect and uplifts mood and looks beautiful when decorated and placed well.


Writen By
Supriya Arora