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Top 25 Unique Gifting Ideas for Your Mom on This Mother’s Day 2018

mother's day

Mother’s day is not only a specific date or day to celebrate, it is a feeling which is intense and full of emotions which cannot be expressed only by words, sometimes action speaks more than words, so do some action on this mother’s day 2018 (on 13th May) by gifting your mother something unique and exciting to make her feel blessed to have you in her life. You do not need to go out to the market in search of mother’s day gift as the gifts can now be delivered directly to home. You can gift your mother what she likes and she will be most happy to get it.

Everyone knows what his or her mother would like as per her taste and preferences.

So let’s gift something unique accordingly –

FOR FASHION LOVING MOTHERS – Many of us have mothers who like to look fabulous all the time whenever she moves out of the home. At a kitty party or at any family function she wants her presence to be felt and admired as well. Why not make her feel that you also think the same way that she should be complimented whenever she gets ready, so this Mother’s Day just gifts her something extraordinary related to fashion such as Earrings, Necklaces, Handbags, Bracelets, Designer watches which she can carry on different occasions and can enjoy wearing them.

   1.Traditional Necklace Set                                             
kundan necklace for mother's day


2.Traditional Earrings

Earrings for mother's day

3.Designer Handbag

handbag for mother's day

4.Kundan Watchwatch for mother's day

Watch5.Victorian Style Bracelet

bracelet for mother's dayWatch

FOR BEAUTY CONSCIOUS MOTHERS – Beauty is something which will last forever if you take good care of your skin which can be done easily at home only. So those mothers who are beauty conscious and want to look beautiful and gorgeous at every stage of life but are busy in life working at home or at office , the best thing you can gift your mother this mother’s day is Beauty kit which is herbal and natural and chemical free which will make her feel so happy as she can use it with ease at any time and can take good care of her skin like Herbal soaps, Massage oils for Younger Looking and Glowing skin, Essential oils for Wrinkle Free skin, Anti- aging oils, Natural Face Scrubs and Packs, Herbal Skin Creams and Gels to make your mother feel special that yes she is beautiful and can maintain her beauty and you have made the right choice for her.


6.Herbal Beauty Setherbal beuty set for mother's day

7.Herbal Beauty Setherbal Set for mother's day


FOR RELIGIOUS MOTHERS – Mothers are the real motivators in your life but do you know where she gets the motivation to face the world? You know some mothers are so much devoted to the spiritual world where she feels satisfied and blessed and gets enough motivation to do best for you. But many mothers cannot visit temples in everyday’s routine life as she needs to manage lot many things, so gift her something special which can enhance her inner spiritual energy like Pooja thali sets or kits, Statues or idols of God and Goddess, Religious items like Yantras and Shivlings which she can keep at home or at her workplace.

8.Pooja Thali SetSpiritual set for mother's day

9.Pooja Thali Set

pooja set for mother's day


yantra for mother'sday


Spiritual Shivling for Mother's day

12.Religious Statues

Resin Statue for mother's day

FOR MOTHERS WHO LOVES TO DECORATE HOME – Home is the place where you get maximum energy when it is decorated beautifully. When you come back to your house after long working hours you feel so relaxed to see the neat and well-decorated house. Your mother plays a key role as she is the one who looks after house with love and affection. So gift your mother attractive home décor items which will make her energized to decorate the home in more efficient ways like Ethnic or Modern Cushion Covers, Bedsheets, Wall-hangings, Door hangings, Marble pen stands, candle stands and flower vase, Wooden or brass figurines to give exclusive look to a home. So that even you could get a chance to get appreciated on this mother’s day by showing some efforts in decorating home to make your mother delightful.

13.Kantha Embroidered Cushion Covers

cushion coversfor mother's day

14.Ethnic Wall hangingswall hanging for Mother's day

15.Kantha Stitch Bedspreads or Quilts

 bedspread for mother's day

16.Ethnic Door Hangings


door hanging for mother's day

17.Decorative Marble Penstand

Marble_Penstand for mother's day

18.Traditional Candle Stand

candle stand mother's day

19.Meenakari Marble Vase

Meenakari vase for mother's day

20.Brass Ganesha Statue

brass Statue For mother's Day

FOR MOTHERS WHO NEVER BUYS GIFT FOR HERSELF –Mothers are busy personalities, who are always busy in doing something or other. Whenever she thinks of buying anything for her and goes to market she ends up shopping for you and comes home without buying anything for her as you are the first preference or priority for her. For mother’s her children’s needs and demands should be satisfied first. So now on this mother’s day make your mother first preference and gift her which she can adorn and can make her happy like by gifting her some Kitchenware items, Home décor items,  Jewellery items, Natural Beauty Kits, Religious items which can be of great use for her as your mother’s preference. Whenever she will use them or keep them you will be in her mind and will bless you for that.

21.Decorative Jewelry Drawer
Jewelry Decor mother's day

22.Religious idols

religious Sculpture for mothers day

23.Beauty Kitsbeauty set mother's Day

24.Traditional Jewelry

necklace jewelry Mother's Day

25.Home decorative Kundan Marble Pot/ Kalash

Decorative Pot for Mother's day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Amazing India



Mothers are the Queen of the house who not only manages to look after her house perfectly but has the capability to deal with different situations with the sense of responsibility. They are amazing personalities with a unique thought process, she is the one who will know everything about your inside and outside behavior without even asking anything from you.  You are the luckiest person on this earth if you are blessed with a mother.

Written by:
Supriya Arora