This Shivratri 2019 Bring Home A Shivling to Attain Instant Success & Prosperity, Learn How?

Lord Shiva Has 2 Forms of Akalam & Sakalam. Akalam Is Nirgun Form Which Worshiped in Linga. Sakalam Is Manifested Form of Goddess Parvati. It is Said that offering Water & Leaves to Shivlinga,  we can tie KAMADHENU in our house. Lord Shiva is a Comic lord of Destructions that can remove all your Obstacles & Destroy Negativity in your Life. As We, All Know That lord Shiva is easily pleased & Rewards all his devotees Generously.


So Why Wait Anymore, Bring Home the Divinity of Lord Shiva This Maha Shivratri & Remove All the Obstacles of Your Path to Success & Prosperity

Semi Precious Stones Black Agate Stone Shiva Lingam Shivling 595gm

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