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The State of Traditional Indian Handicrafts

Punjab Handicraft is considered to be traditional and culturally rich state of India. Handicrafts of Punjab are famous for their unique designing and intricate work. Punjab handicrafts are rich in producing some very useful items, which are exported to all over the world. Punjab is also one of the most prosperous states of India. Punjab is the place where one can find religious as well as other attractions like Gurudwaras, shrines, wildlife, lakes, and so on. The handicraft industry of India is growing and gaining heights and one of the reason is the state of Punjab which is the most rich source of many interesting art and crafts in India.

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The Rich Traditional Items of Punjab Handicrafts

Punjab handicrafts items reflects the rich culture of India which includes Phulkari, Pidhis, Jootis, Durries and Parandis which mostly adorn by the visitors and tourists. Phulkari is the most popular items . Most of the crafts are used as household items and are also used to decorate houses and portray the colourful aspect of the state. Weaving durries is majorly done by girls and they get to learn this art of weaving since childhood. One can find Durries different sizes and patterns. Out of so many craft items some remarkable items are trays, mirror frames, dressing tables, easy chairs, sofa sets, dining tables, chairs etc., which are manufactured in the state by the artisans using their unique skill. Beautiful Punjabi dolls are also found which are attired in lovely dresses are another popular craft work of Punjab.

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  • WOOD WORKS- Wood Works is one the most famous craft work done by the artisans of Punjab. Comfortable  and designer beds with carved legs are most sell able and common product od craft work of Punjab in which by the making unique use of wood and using the outstanding skills different types of designer beds are manufactured. The carvings are done in several floral designs and geometrical patterns are also done to enhance the look of the wood work. The carpenters of Punjab try to give their best and have always  proved their worth by producing exquisite quality of wooden specimens. The most popular  product is comfortable beds with back rests that are fitted with mirrors. The carved legs forms the most attractive parts of these beds. The legs of the bed are known as Pawas. The carvings done by the artisans are generally of animals, geometrical motifs and floral. In urban parts of Punjab, use of machinery is done for carving and cutting. When you travel into the rural Punjab and you will be amazed to see that carpenters are still working by using only traditional methods. The major export material of Punjab are its Toys and Furniture.
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  • PHULKARI – ‘Phulkari’ actually means the flower working which is designed to enhance the beauty of attire which are worn by the women. It is such type of art work, in which exquisite embroidery is done over shawls, dupattas and headscarves in a simple and sparse design to enhance the beauty of the cloth.Sometimes, the entire cloth is covered with dense designs, so that the base of the cloth becomes invisible. Phulkari work of Punjab is also famous all over the country. This kind of art work and the unique embroidery is practiced by women in Punjab in designing shawls and Dupattas. The designing always depends on the size of stitches and the smaller size of stitch is always considered better which makes the cloth look beautiful.
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  • MUDWORK AND POTTERY – Mud work is one of the oldest art form in Punjab which is used for designing different types of motifs. This craft work is mostly practiced in villages by the local artisans of the Punjab. Pottery is the art of making utensils with mud and clay is used to form different types of objects which are greatly demanded and looks so beautiful decorated well and has gained popularity. Mud toys are also made which is one of the interesting craft work done in Punjab. Earlier due to superstitions it was believed that doing mud work will keep the away evil spirits. Craftsman usually gather the mud and clay material for pottery water bodies which were nearby to the place.
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  • FOLK TOYS – Folk Toys of Punjab are associated with the tradition of the state. This craft work has formed one of the biggest industry in itself. The colourful and vibrant toys which are made by the artoisans by using their skills have earned great importance in the international as well as national market. These are used as excellent decorative pieces because they look awesome and adds the exquisite gorgeousness and excellence. The Folk Toy Industry has gained heights and has given so much fame to the state of Punjab through its vibrant products. Gone are the days when these toys were only used by children to play. Today they are also considered as excellent display pieces for their exquisite beauty and flawlessness.
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  • WEAVING – Weaving Durries is another craft of geographical area. These durries are of varied motifs and styles. Motifs of birds, animals and plants are common patterns created on these durries that are used as gifts given with women throughout wedding. geographical area incorporates a wealthy tradition of weaving and embroidery, that is extremely well-liked everywhere the globe. Embroidery is that the type of art whereby materials are an embellished victimization needle and colourful thread or yarn. This incorporates a tempting attraction as a result of the various fancy materials it uses, like pearls, tiny mirrors, beads, quills, sequins, etc.
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  • BASKETRY – Craftor basket weaving created out of a straw usually referred to as This straw is mixed with alternative things to form stunning baskets. This craft is employed for creating alternative menage article further. craft could be a long handicraft followed in most components of geographical area. Mostly, the womenfolk in villages ar familiarized towards craft as a way of employment. Initially, these baskets were preponderantly usedfor menage functions.
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  • NEEDLE WORK – Needlework of geographical area is known. Some such forms are Baghs, Phulkaris, rummlas, scarfs etc. Victimization needle work.
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  • LEATHER CRAFT – Leather craft is done by local artisans in geographical areais employed to form stunning jutis with embroidery everywhere. These are of involved styles of prime quality created by victimization gold/silver threads.
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  • METAL WORK – Metalwork is additionallyvery talked-about in geographical area. Utensils made from metals are employed in households, as additionally for nonsecular functions. Carpenters within the state build Peeras or Peerians, ornamental boxes, pidhis and toys of wood, that are very talked
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CREATIVE ASPECTS OF PUNJAB – One must see to believe the ability and skills possessed by the folks of geographic area. Ever since history has been recorded, geographic area is thought to own else a number of the foremost attention-grabbing and complicated kinds of handicrafts to the already immense treasure of Indian superior skill. Folks of geographic area accustomed produce art works from most world organisation possible raw materials; like mud. And like several alternative states, geographic area too was a significant destination for embroidery and attire works. However the utilization of bright colours and distinctive styles continuously place them in a very category of their own.

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