A Wide Range of Natural Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are versatile & can be used in numerous ways to enrich well-being & promote healthy living, from aromatherapy & massage to personal skin care & household applications, essential oils are wonderful additions to any home or lifestyle.

Each and every kind of essential oil has its own benefits ranging from air purification & detoxification, natural bug repellents, restoration of energies & balances, healing of acne & scars, treating body aches & joint pains, body care & skin care, relieving from stress, fear & anxiety & various other benefits.

Essential oils can be applied by sprays, baths, or massaging them into the skin which gives a calming effect on mind & body.


Essential oils must be diluted properly with carrier oils such as coconut, jojoba, olive, almond or any other vegetable oil to make massage oil and can be applied to skin areas with gentle rubbing for best and effective results.

Essential oils are primarily intended for aromatherapy & diffusion into the air as a fragrance or scent. Essential oils are meant for external use only, & are to be used with great care due to their highly concentrated nature & their reaction to certain things such as sunlight. As such, essential oils for any purpose should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor before using any of these oils. Always keep the bottle tightly closed to avoid evaporation. Keep these oils out of reach of children & pets.



Juniper berry is extracted from the berries of coniferous trees. It has antibacterial & anti-fungal properties which are helpful in boosting the immune system used as the immune system booster. It is used as a natural anxiety remedy to overcome fatigue, muscle ache & arthritis. It acts as the natural skin toner, treats skin blemishes, cures acne, stretch marks & promotes clear, healthy complexion and leaves grounding & calming effect on the skin making it more radiant.


Thyme essential oil is extracted through distillation of fresh flowers and leaves. It has medicinal properties helps in healing and vanishing surgical scars, moisturizing skin making it looks clear, healthy and young. It has to cleanse and purifying effect on the skin making it soft and supple. It is good antiseptic which kills the bacteria and safeguards wounds. It is a great energy booster and makes one feel energized in a positive way.


Spearmint is gentle mint oil extracted from steam distillation of spearmint plant. It speeds up healing of wounds, cuts, and scars. It contains menthol which has the relaxing and cooling effect on the nerves, soothe muscle strain& reduce skin irritation. It acts as a great stress reliever & cures headaches & ailments. It is used in aromatherapy to reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections to eliminate harmful bacteria on the skin.



It is obtained from Aloe vera plant. It has astringent, anti-irritant and antioxidant properties for skin repair process to prevent the skin from damage, removes age spots & protects against infections. It has the ability to treat dry scalp, dandruff, treat thin hairs. It is a deep wrinkle filler and brilliant for acne-prone skin. It provides healing nutrients and acts as the moisturizing agent to the skin to make it soft and supple.


Clove essential oil is extracted from the flower bud of the evergreen clove tree. It has antimicrobial ability to treat acne and has the rejuvenating and stimulating effect on the skin to look young, lessens the effect of aging and wrinkles. Its medicinal properties cure infections and are effective for dental care as well such as a toothache, sore gums, and mouth ulcers. It has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce tension, headaches and act as the pain reliever for body, joints, and muscles.


Lily of valley essential oil is extracted from flowers, leaves and root. It is a natural herbal resource which is used in aromatherapy to relieve depression and anxiety. It acts as an astringent to lighten the skin tone, helps reduce wrinkles around the mouth. It is also very useful in healing skin tissues effectively and quickly.

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Amber essential oil is derived from amber trees. It is extremely beneficial for skin and hair. It has numerous benefits like calming the mind, eliminating pain, lower stress levels, healing wounds faster. You feel refreshed and energized due to its calming effect. It is a natural remedy to improve elasticity of skin to control acne and eczema, cleans the pores.

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Experience the Magic of Christmas 2017 with Unique Gifting Ideas

christmas gifts

Christmas is a popular holiday that is celebrated around the world. Christmas is the day that holds all time together.  Open your heart to others this Christmas season as it is a feeling not a season. This Christmas gift something unique which marks the remembrance in the heart of others. Do not gift boring or same type of things every time which are in the market and everyone is buying the same set of repeated things which marks no importance. Gift items like

  • FANCY DECORATIVE LAC GIFT ITEMS – These are very unique items like Special handmade notepad diaries with dazzling mirror work, set of pens with traditional Rajasthani handwork, hand painted greeting cards, candle stands, colourful ethnic mirror work beaded jewellery boxes are the top gifts for special occasion like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days.
  • RESIN AND WOODEN IDOLS AND FIGURINES – Festivals are incomplete without gifts. Gifts like Buddha statues, lord Ganesha statues, Krishna idol, Radha Krishna idol and many other god figurines in Resin and Wood makes them special gift items. The resin statues are made of fiberglass resin and weigh less than stone statues. The handmade statues and sculptures are well known for the antique designs and traditional art. Traditional home décor range of statutes and collectibles are perfect for decorating homes and workplaces. A well designed hand carved resin or stone statue can make your loved ones really happy and amazed. Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days are celebrated with great interest and these items increase the importance of such festivals on owning them or gifting them  as these idols or figurines shower the blessing and maintains peace and harmony at home.
  • BRASS STATUES AND COLLECTIBLES– Another unique gift item for Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days is brass statues. It brings exotic look to the house. Brass statues are made forever. Handcrafted idols of Indian gods and goddess are great religious objects to make home pious and a sacred place. To give good wishes to your loved ones, gifting lord Ganesha miniatures is an awesome idea. Buddha brass statues and goddess Lakshmi statues with gemstone work are loved by all the art lovers. Indian god Shiva Natraj sculpture and Asian goddess Tara statue are rare pieces of masterpieces, You also like handcrafted elephant idols, Buddha idols with zircon work are worth giving gifts during festival time like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days.
    BRASS BUDDHA        
  • FENG SHUI ITEMS– Chinese feng shui items for peaceful environment are also available. Gift these incredible pieces of art to show off Indian art at your place. It is also believed that placing feng shui items at right place brings good health and prosperity. These are unique gifting items  and can also be used to decorate home. Items like laughing Buddha, feng shui three legged money frog, 7 tier pagoda enhancer, dragon turtle. Feng Shui Items to Enhance Wealth, Health, Career and Love. In Feng Shui, the proper placing of some Feng Shui items not only can bring you wealth and treasure, but also can exorcise evil spirits. Placing some Feng Shui products in your house can safeguard your home and exorcise the evil spirits. You can gift these items on festivals like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving day to the dear ones so that they can also enjoy the warmth of these items by palcing them at their house.


  • MARBLE ARTEFACTS – There is wide range of  Marble statues and sculptures in various sizes  which includes laughing Buddha statues, statues of Indian gods and goddesses, and marble vases, kundan chowki, marble decorative puja thali, clock ,sindoor vase and pen stands with Indian meenakari and kundan work. You gift this Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days items like Marble Artefacts, Marble Statues, Marble Item, Marble Handicraft items, Marble Ganesha , Marble Watch, Home Decor Item, Showpiece, Marble Elephant, marble decor, stone  tone  art to mark the importance of this Christmas in the heart of your loved ones.
  • WOODEN CRAFT ITEMS– You are confused of gifting this Festival? Now to avoid any confusion you can gift wooden craft items which are easily affordable and looks unique like wooden jewellery boxes, pen stands, key chains and holders, tea coasters on Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days. These are very interesting items which looks different and are useable items. Wooden craft items looks amazingly different when used to decorate the home and on gifting such items one most important purpose is solved that one can use these items in keeping their things and placing them so beautifully  which adds a value to your gift.
  • NAUTICAL ITEMS– Nautical Gifts is an exclusive item for gift as well as home decor and being made by the hands of expert artisians this item has no match and being made here at Paras Arts you can be assured about the quality and finish of this product. These nautical items are unique in its own way. They are used for home as well as office décor. They enhance the look of the place where they are kept. There are various types of nautical items which you can place at your place and also be used as gifting items to the closed ones such as brass celestial globe, brass navigational compass, brass telescope, sundials and sandclocks, bronze sextant and antique pocket camping watches. Nautical decor items are perfect for all those who are looking for perfect marine decoration for their homes. All those who love antique decor items can grab their favourite home decor items on this festive season like Christmas, Black Friday or Thanks giving day . You can gift these rare items to the loved ones on this festive season and can experience the warmth of the festivals.
  • FASHION JEWELRY – Fashion jewelry is made using inexpensive metal and gemstones. Fashion jewellery has become an important fashion quotient of late. Apart from the different kinds of apparels, the use of fashion jewellery in fashion shows has also become quite popular of late. You’ll prefer fashion jewelleries over gold and other precious metals because of the security factor as well. Various types of materials are used to make jewelleries to match the contemporary lifestyle. You can have fashion jewelleries including necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. The extensive use of fashion jewellery has given rise to the fashion jewellery industry. Fashion jewellery serves all purposes. For example, if you are looking for accessories to go with beach wear, shell or stone-made jewellery would be the option. For a corporate occasion, a thin gold-plated chain with a sleek pendant would do. Such fashion jewellery is gifted to the loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days which certainly adds a value to the gift and increase the importance of these festivals.
  • WOODEN JEWELRY – Wooden jewellery is very much in trend. It makes them special Christmas gift as style trend are pointing to more natural materials like wooden bangles, earrings, necklaces. You can find wide variety of wooden jewellery this Christmas festival season . You can gift them on Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days .The grain of wood gives the jewellery a character that only nature can offer.  Bridging the gap between the mountains and the shopping malls by making pieces of wearable art made from a natural material is quite fascinating.
  • GEMSTONE JEWELLERY Now days the gemstone jewellery is so much in fashion. People love to wear it on every festive occasion. Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days are the upcoming festivals, on wearing or gifting gemstone jewellery. It adds a beauty to the stylish look. Gemstone jewellery comes in so many different varieties of stones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire ,Tanzanite, Pearl, Aquamarine, Quartz, and lot and lot more in form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, beads. On gifting such items to the closed ones it adds a value and importance to the value of the gift.
  • CUSHION COVERS – Handicraft is a type of craft where people make things using only their hands or basic tools. The items are usually used to decorate home and have a particular use. Handicrafts play very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. Handicrafts are a substantial medium to preserve of rich traditional art, heritage and culture, traditional skills and talents which are associated with people’s lifestyle and history. Patchwork, kantha work,  mirror work, floral prints, embroidered cushion covers and traditional designer cushion covers are the important part of decorating home on occasions like Christmas, black Friday and Thanks giving days. These are perfect gift items and  can be used to decorate your own home during these festivals.
  • WALL HANGINGS AND TAPESTRY – Handicrafts play very important role in representing the culture and traditions of any country or region. Handmade wall hangings are charmingly decorated with heavy embroidery work on multi coloured fabric. There are Beautiful & Gorgeous decorative Wall Hanging with very creative Patch work designs. These wall Hanging will really give attractive look to your room & Office. These are the perfect specimen of the artistic craftsmanship of our expert artisans. On occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving day one want to decorate home and these are best items to give a new look to the home. You can gift them and own them during these festivals.
  • BEDSPREADS AND BEDDING SETS – When the word decoration comes in our mind, we take also take good consideration of synchronism, harmony and discipline. Because all these words, define the wonderful way of living standard. Decoration is implemented in every field of life, for instance, to make beautiful and lavish homes, to make the perfect decorum of the office and the most important, to polish our personalities. In home decoration, mainly during festivals we try our level best to make our home beautiful. On occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days a beautiful well decorated home is the dream of everyone. We make our homes beautiful by adding different home accessories. You can gift Bedspreads and bedding sets like patch work bedspread, mandala prints, ethnic traditional printed bedding sets to decorate your home and feel the festive atmosphere and you can gift these bedspreads to your loved ones on Such festivals so that they also can feel  happy and touched.
  • TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS – Every piece of Handicraft is unique in its own way, out of several handicraft items, Handmade paintings are one of the best gifting as well as decorative item. One can place them on indoor or outdoor wall to enhance the look. During festive season like Christmas or Thanks giving day or Black Friday everyone want his or her home to look different. So Traditional paintings like Batik print paintings, oil paintings, Paintings of different god or goddess, Sequence paintings  give a festive feel and new look to house. You can gift these traditional paintings on this festive season to your dear ones so that they can also feel the traditional touch and warmth of the festivals.
  • ETHNIC COTTON LAMPSHADES – Ethnic lampshades promotes the ethnic and handcrafted lights reflecting the rich heritage of India. They are so uniquely designed that gives a new look to the house if placed as a decorative item at your house. Now days Ethnic cotton lampshades are so much in trend, they can be placed or gifted on occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, Thanks giving day to the loved ones so that they can also experience the traditional Indian touch at their house. House is the place where we relax and feel the comfort, if decorated well with such traditional lampshades at outdoor or indoor they enhance the look of the house  and are also perfect gifting items.
  • EMBROIDERED UMBRELLAS – Traditional Indian Beautiful cotton umbrella is handcrafted by village artisan. These Indian umbrellas are beautiful and complete decorated with Embroidery work. These handicrafts are designed in various multicolour combination and are offered in a multitude of motifs, patterns, various other specifications. These are also unique gifting items on festivals like Christmas, Black Friday or Thanks giving day. You can also decorate your home with these beautiful embroidered umbrellas to give a new ethnic traditional touch which actually brings a new change in the environment of the house. You can find wide variety of such embroidered cotton ethnic umbrellas in different styles, patterns which suit your taste and can also be used as best gifting items .
  • VICTORIAN TURKISH JEWELLERY – Another unique gift item is Victorian jewellery which looks classy and elegant. It simply adds the beauty to the person who wears it. Gifting victorian turkish jewellery to your dear ones will make them feel so happy and delighted as they will remember it for long whenever they will wear it. This type of gift item is a remembrance in the mind of the wearer. Victorian jewellery is so much popular now days that every women loves to own it and want to wear on special occasions to look different. Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days are generally celebrated with great enthusiasm and such items looks so amazing for gifting or owing it for yourself.
  • TRADITIONAL INDIAN JEWELLERY – The charm of jewellery and the beauty of Indian women by adorning it never separated. It is rare to find any woman in India who may not have ever loved to decorate herself with jewellery on every festive occasion. Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days are celebrated and are enjoyed by everyone. The beauty of Indian jewellery lies in the uniqueness of its design and the efforts of the workmanship involved in creating the intricate designs. With the change in times, the contemporary jewellery which is lighter in weight has gained a lot of popularity among the Indian women. So own it and gift such jewellery on every festive occasion to mark the importance of every festival.


  • SILVER JEWELRYSilver jewelleryis one of the most alluring and dazzling pieces of art ever created. It is the best Christmas gift to show love to your close ones. Women and girls loves to wear silver jewellery at festive occasion which can add a value to the clothes they wear. Silver pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets looks amazing and are special gifting items on Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days as the demand for sterling silver jewellery has increased significantly.
  • SPIRITUAL ITEMS – You can buy original spiritual items this Christmas to shower love and blessings on your loved ones. To stay peaceful in this era, we need to stay connected to spirituality with the help of certain spiritual items. These spiritual items give us the power of self control, compassion, positivity and humility. You can get these spiritual items quickly and conveniently. You can also gift such items on Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days to your dear ones so that they can enjoy them with full zeal and enthusiasm. Spirituality is a way of living life. Spirituality is not related to any religion. You can gift healing rudraksha  bracelets and beads mala, Rosary prayer beads, 1-14 Mukhi Rudraksha, Shivlings and  various brass shree yantras in gold plated.
  • DESIGNER WATCHES – A great watch on your wrist is both a functional tool and a fashion These are perfect gift items on Occasions like Christmas, Black Friday and Thanks giving days. One can enjoy these festivals to the great extent and feel the warmth of the loved ones on such festive occasions. You can find wide variety of designer watches embedded with stones and  it gives  unique and different look and wearer would be so happy and touched on getting these. You can own such designer watches or can gift them on such festivals to enjoy them fully with great zeal.


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Craft Which Always Last Is Wooden Handicrafts

peacock wooden statue

Wooden Handicrafts is current in Republic of India even before the time stone sculpture came into existence. Varied products are created by the skillful craftsmen by shaping a bit of wood. Gujarat, Jammu & geographic region, Karnataka, Kerala and province are renowned for his or her distinctive type of wooden handicraft. Axes, toys, utensils, ornamental items, jewelry and lots of additional designer home product like lamp shades, candle stands, Chinese-red boxes, jewelry boxes, bangle holders etc. are a number of the common wooden handicrafts utilized in nearly each Indian house. Several types of wood are carved to make statues or figurines, furniture, toys, decorative and utility items, gift items, home décor items which makes unique gift items for Thanks giving day, Christmas and Black Friday.Wooden Handicrafts items looks so beautiful when placed at home or office or gifted to closed ones on such festive occasions which are always remembered.Various types of techniques are used by the craftsmen to use wood in such a way to give them a brilliant outcome. Mostly ebony and mango wood is used which gives stylish designs and has long life and looks so elegant. Each and every state of India has their unique art of doing wood work and creating awesome Wooden items which has raised the bar of Indian handicrafts all around the globe.

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Thanks Giving & Black Friday with Fancy Lac Handicraft Items

lac jewelry box

Get Notified This Festive Season of Thanks Giving and Black Friday with Fancy Lac Handicraft Items. In terms of style and ability, the jewelry sector has continuously shown associate degree upsurge in its demand. completely designed vary of Lac product jewelry with a shocking and eye catching selection reflects a mix of up-to-dateness and quality. India is world identified for distinctive handicraft vogue and class, handcrafted things that is fantastically adorned by mirror items and different ornamental things. This overhand art of  Indian handicraft is ranging from a few years gone. One will see the best quality of Lac bangles, Bridal Bangle, Bridal Chura and overhand Bangle, Lac product Mirror work Boxes, Lac Handicraft product ornamental Boxes these are therefore conspicuous . Lac product work will solely be performed on a picket base thence, a Lac Handicraft should be experienced at decorating wood items. Lac work, like different crafts, was initiated during a few villages and was accustomed embellish homes throughout leisure hours. However, over the course of your time, this kind was increased and changed into an oversized scale business. These unique Fancy Lac gift items for Thanks giving day, Christmas and Black Friday are so much in demand now days. Fancy Lac handicraft items looks so astonishing when gifted to closed ones on such festive occasions which are always remembered . These are useful items which adds the value when gifted. These can also be kept at home to enhance the beauty of the place and get the feel of the festive season.

hand mirror lac itempocket mirror lac itemJewelry boxes lac items

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Adorn the Unique Skillful Art of India with Marble Handicrafts

pooja mable thali

 One of the most unique art form of India is marble art and craft items. They look simply amazing when placed at home inside or outside or at office. They enhance the beauty of the place and make a unique decorative item which depicts the skilful art of Indian artisans.These are best gits as well as they adds the value to the gift. There are several types of marble handicrafts items which are so astonishing like marble clock, marble decorative flower vase, marble statues or figurines, marble pen and mobile stand, marble elephant, marble puja thali and chopra, marble coasters, marble decorative boxes and bowls, marble pots. India is famous for world class marble handicrafts. One can see the finest and premium quality of marble which is used to make several items and inlay work and meenakari work is also done by the artisans to give them beautiful look. These unique marble items can also be gifted on special occasions likeThanks giving day, Christmas and Black Friday. Marble Handicrafts items gives an elegant and classy look when placed at home or office or gifted to closed ones on such festive occasions which marks the remembrance in the heart of others.
mable rolimable holder mable watch

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