Mizoram Handicrafts-Art of Mizoram


Mizoram Handicrafts are situated in the Northeastern regions of India. The fascinating facts about this state are that it is majorly surrounded by the green forests where bamboo is easily available in large quantity. Mizoram is one of the states where you can admire the real beauty of nature. Mizoram handicrafts are bamboo craft and waving which is majorly done by the women with hands. Mizoram handicraft items are created with intricate designs by the artisans who follow the traditional approach and use their skills to craft utility and beautiful decorative items. When you visit Mizoram you will not only enjoy the beautiful scenic view but also gets captured by the handicraft items which are made with great efforts and energy not only by locals but also by tourists.


  • CANE AND BAMBOO PRODUCTS – One of the famous Mizoram handicrafts are cane and bamboo products which are made by the people of Mizoram who are highly skilled as they use their traditional experience to make beautiful cane and bamboo handicraft items like hats, furniture, mats, which looks exceptionally beautiful when decorated well at home or at office. When you visit Mizoram you will find this craft work in the streets where women sit and make such handicraft items by devoting a lot of time, energy and skills.
  • ART OF WEAVING- Weaving in itself is an art which can be made by the skillful artisans who possess a lot of experience and skill to produce items by weaving them properly. Artisans of Mizoram create such exclusive items by weaving cotton and woolen threads to make garments. They use simple fabrics and weave them so efficiently by using simple techniques to produce beautiful products which are adorned by the locals as well as tourists.
  • BASKET MAKING – Mizoram is a state where people are so expert in creating and crafting such beautiful handicraft items such as basket making. The fascinating thing about artisans of Mizoram is that they do optimum utilization of natural things to make items like baskets with lids and without lids with different patterns and designs which are connected with the ancient culture and gives an ethnic touch to home when placed. It is a delicate craft work. These can be kept at home to enhance the ambiance of the place and adds a traditional value.
  • MAKING OF SHAWLS – Shawl making is one of the oldest Art of Mizoram. Artisans use beautiful threads and weave them in such an interesting manner by creating geometrical and floral patterns and designs on shawls which are adorned by the visitors as well. Women artisans of Mizoram follow the traditional patterns to make such exclusive pieces of shawls by using different colors which looks so attractive and relates to the culture of Mizoram. Tourists can feel the ancient patterns when visits Mizoram.
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Mizoram is a state with beautiful cultural and traditional ambience which accelerate the growth of the artisans of Mizoram who adapt themselves to the culture of the state and make classical handicraft items by using their experience which are passed from one generation to another and are highly skilled as they have the ability to convert raw things into beautiful handcrafted items. When you visit Mizoram you will find highly durable and mesmerizing handicraft items which are really amazing when decorated well which are liked by not only local people but also by the tourists as well.

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