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The Cultural Heritage of Indian Handicrafts

Jammu and Kashmir is the cultural heritage of India and its Handicrafts are also popular and capture the huge handicraft industry of the world. Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most amazingly beautiful destination of India and famous among the tourists all across the globe. Tourism sector is one of the most revenue generating sector of Jammu and Kashmir handicrafts, which has slower down in the past few years. However, the industry is gaining back its importance as more and more local as well as international tourists are flocking and visiting here these days. With the rise in tourism sector, the handicraft industry of Kashmir is also gaining heights. The handicrafts of Jammu & Kashmir Handicrafts include some vibrant hand-made crafts, which symbolize the cultural significance of the state. The craftsmen and artisans of Jammu and Kashmir use their outstanding skills in making items like carpets, baskets, wall hangings, shawls and much more. The handicraft industry of the state is proving its importance everywhere in the world and it provides employment to a large mass of local people of the state and help them to earn their livelihood by developing the handicraft industry.

World Famous Handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir


  • CARPETS AND WOVEN SILK YARNS – Other appealing crafts of J&K include carpets, woven with wool or silk yarns. This art of knotted carpet making has reached the valley from Persia and portray the creativity of Persian craftsmen. The popularity of the Kashmir’s art and craft is developing day by day just because of world-renowned handmade Kashmiri Carpets. These handcrafted carpets are unique because they are made with hand by the artisans of the state with the use of their skilled craftsmanship without any use of machine. The artisans use yarn which is mostly silk, wool or a combination of the two for making these carpets looks amazingly beautiful. The very fine finishing of the carpets makes them worthy which exhibit the true craftsmanship of the state. Nevertheless, one must have such carpet which is like a possession for life. The art of carpet weaving has raised the bar of Kashmir from Persia, which is proved from the stunning designs that have a tint of Persian influence. The colour of most Kashmiri Carpets is subtle and multed, thereby making them distinct from carpets produced in rest of the country.
  • WOVEN SILK YARNS handicrafts-Aih


  • EMBROIDERED FABRICS – Embroidery is another traditional handicraft of Jammu and Kashmir. Intricate yet wonderfully beautiful embroidery on cotton fabrics looks amazing. The embroidery of Kashmir, called kasida, is world-famous handicrafts. Varied, rich in colour, elaborate in detail and exquisite in execution, the kasida patterns are freely drawn by the naqqash mostly from memory. The finest kasida work is done particularly by doing embroidery on shawls or saris and has no ‘wrong’ side.
    EMBROIDERED FABRICS kasida handicrafts- Aih
  • PAPIER MACHE – Papier mache is a very old form of handicrafts in Jammu & Kashmir, which is equally popular in the state. The original art of papier mache, which uses original gold painted items are quite expensive. Papier Mache is made up of pulp of paper and adhesive. This is another popular handicraft of Jammu and Kashmir introduced in the valley in the fifteenth century. When paper is soaked in water for days till it falls to pieces. Once this process is done, this paper is crushed and mixed with an adhesive solution, then these paper are given different shapes over moulds. Later, this final product is dried, painted and polished before selling in the market. This popular handicraft comes in varied designs, colours and artwork and are of different range.
    PAPIER MACHE handicrafts- Aih
  • PASHMINA SHAWLS – Pashmina shawls are so much famous with a huge demand in national as well as international market, Pashmina shawls are the one of the leading item of handicraft industry of Jammu and Kashmir. These pashmina shawls are adorned by most tourists because of its vibrant designs and variety of stitching work. These delicate shawls are so soft and comfortable to use and has a huge demand in the international as well as national market. These shawls are not easy to make as it is very difficult and time involving as it requires a lot of concentration and patience also. The embroidery on these shawls is being done by colourful threads and the raw material is also hand weaved before using for embroidery purpose. These shawls are majorly made of three fibers, namely, wool, Pashmina and Shantoosh. After weaving is done , they are decorated with different motifs and embroidery. These are rare and unique shawls which are made by the craftsman of the state and have peculiar charm and interesting designs.
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  • BASKETRY – One of the most famous craft Kashmir is the basket making. Baskets are made by the local artisans and use the skin of willow trees, which are found in abundance in the state. Kashmir also produces some unique variety of items which helps in growth and demand of the Basketry item sand other objects like lampshades, tables, chairs and so on. These are made with the help of willow rushes or straw grass and twigs which are grown in abundance in the lakes and marshes of Kashmir state. These willows are the raw materials to make aesthetically quaint items. The items generally made are shopping baskets, lampshades, tables and chairs, all generally inexpensive.
  • basketry handicraft- Aih
  • WOOD CARVING – Wood Carving is the best craft of Jammu and Kashmir. This craft is regarded as the best item of cottage industries in the state. The primary wood which used to make this wood craft is walnut and chinar wood of Kashmir state., This wood is expensive but is used because of its fine texture and pattern. You can find variety of objects in which wood carving is done such as furniture and decorative pieces like jewellery boxes, photo frames and many more. The different style of carving and cutwork done on these objects make them look unique. As price of these wooden pieces is concerned, it depends on the which type of wood is being used, the different type of pattern and the style of carving done on them.
    WOOD CARVING handicrafts-Aih
  • NAMDAS – Namdas is another unique form of craft work which is popular in Kashmir. These are rugs or mattresses that are not very expensive as compared to carpets and are made up of cotton and woollen fibers. These fibers are manually pressed by the craftsman to give them shape. These rugs are majorly used as floor covering and are adorned with chain stitch embroidery which is done with the help of woollen and cotton threads to give them stunning look and are used to enhance the home as well as office décor.
    NAMDAS handicrafts- Aih
  • CHAIN STITCH AND CREWEL WORK – Chain stitch or crewel work is mainly done by hook or ari and whatever fabric of cloth is used, it can be wool, cotton or silk but the crewel work on the white cotton cloth is hugely demanded by the rest of the world. Crewel works is also done on curtains, rugs, wall hangings and is considered as one of the finest quality of embroidery work which is done by the artisans of the state to give them fantastic look .When you visit to Kashmir you will find that most of the houseboats and hotels have decorated their places with the curtains of crewel work and it looks astonishing and gives rich look to the decor.
    CHAIN STITCH handicrafts-Aih
  • COPPER AND SILVERWARE – Craftsmen and artisans of Kashmir use their skills in engraving objects of household utility – samovars, bowls, plates and trays. These craftsmen use their unique craftsmanship in engraving or embossing Floral, stylized, geometric, leaf and sometimes calligraphic motifs on copper and occasionally silver, in order to cover the entire surface with fine and unique designs which are then oxidized, to stand out from the background. The work known as ‘naqashi’ and the weight of the object actuates the price of the object. Plain and inlaid silverware of Kashmir are in great demand. The silverware items of Kashmir includes silver tea-sets, flower vases, toilet sets, scent chests, ornamental picture-frames, cigarette-cases, tumblers, etc which increase the importance of silver and copper handicraft sector of Kashmir.. There is a high demand of lovely copper trays inlet into tables of carved walnut-wood and makes them unique handicraft item of Kashmir.
    copper & silver ware handicrafts-Aih

Kashmiri handicrafts is famous all across the globe and been appreciated since centuries by the people all around the world. The exclusive handicraft items in exotic tastes are difficult to find elsewhere in the world. Kashmir is the place where most of the handicraft items are produced by the local artisans and craftsman so that these items can gain importance in the world of home decor.. Kashmir’s famous handcrafted specialties include silk and wool carpets, papier-mâché products, Pashminas and embroidered shawls, and a variety of stones and walnut wood product. Jammu is a worth checking place for silver and golden jewellery of traditional Dogri designs which looks uniquely different than regular jewellery items, one can also find Kashmiri items or designs worn by the nomadic ‘Bakarwals’. The most famous craft in the Ladakh region is Tibetan Carpets, which are reasonably priced  so that they are affordable as compared to Kashmiri or Persian carpets. Kashmir can be termed as the heritage of creativity of exclusive art and craft which  needs no Introduction when it comes to Indian handicraft sector.



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