Tamil Nadu Handicrafts – Art of Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is famous across the world for its wide range of South Indian silk saris which are popular for its fabrics, design and colorful compositions. One of the biggest states in South India, Tamil Nadu handicraft industry is touching heights across its various districts. The various forms of crafts of Tamil Nadu are mostly created in the remote villages by the people who earn their living by doing the craft work and this art is found in towns of the state and exported all over the country.
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Stone carving is another major handicraft of South India. Some of them are in filigreed, fretted marble or sandstone. Some of the popular places of stone carvings are Meenakshi and Rameshwaram Temple of Tamil Nadu. Step into the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, where a wide range of South Indian silk sarees is available. Other handicrafts found in Tamil Nadu are Kanchipuram silk sarees, Famous paintings of Tanjore, Small musical instruments from wood, Fine mats, Brass and Bronze statues, Metalware, Handwoven clothes, Stone sculptures, Jewellery, Paintings, Articles made from Palm leaves and Palmyra Fibres.
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The Paintings of Tanjore are famous and one of the most significant art and crafts of Tamil Nadu. The unique aspects of these paintings are that they are done on wood, glass, mica, ivory as well as on walls. A thin sheet of gold is used to color the painting with the use of primary colors.tamilnadu painting aih
The unique Craft of Making Musical Instruments is the popular feature of Tamil Nadu as music is like life and soul of people of Tamil Nadu. The art of making musical instruments is treated as a major craft of the state. The Art of Creating and designing the Jewelry is another famous feature of Tamil Nadu. The traditional jewelry of the state is the stone-encrusted jewelry and the most famous ornaments are the gold waist belt, armlet, earrings.
jewwelry Tamil nadu
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