Kerala Handicrafts – Art of Kerala

kerala wooden painting

Kerala is termed as God’s Own Country is renowned for its exquisite charm of nature. The handicrafts of Kerala, noted for their uniqueness in style, perfection of form and elegance of design form an invaluable part of the life stream of Kerala culture.  The natural beauty this state is also known for its rich handicrafts which are popular across the world. Kerala is known for its garments decorated with lace and embroidery work, snake boats made of ivory, gold and silver jewellery, a wide variety of spices, bamboo mat paintings, wood carvings, idols of god and goddess made of metal, kathakali Dolls and Masks, Lamps. The craftsmen of Kerala have also developed a variety of handicrafts using the rich wealth of flora in the state. In Kerala different types of  handicraft items such as pillow covers, cushions, vanity bags, purses, hats etc., are also made of screw pine. The exquisite art of weaving bamboo-reed mats, baskets and fancy articles is also one of the simplest and oldest form of Kerala handicrafts. The craftsmen of Kerala through their marvelous craftsmanship prepare different types of images of gods and goddesses with bell metal casting. Bell metal industry of Kerala is famous for the Aranmula metal mirror. It has been truly said that crafts virtually run in the blood of artisans of Kerala and therefore more and more innovation and invention continues till today in this state.
wooden elephant handicraftkrela handicraft

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