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 South Indian handicraft has its own charm and glory which have attracted the attention of large number of tourists from across the globe. Crafts are integral part of Indian society which represents its cultural diversity. Each region of India has its own uniqueness in terms of arts and crafts.  The richness of South India can be vividly seen in its handicrafts which are very popular among tourists. Art and craft seems to be an integral part of the lives of South Indians. South Indian artisans are expert in making extraordinary handicrafts with dexterity. Traditional, colourful and attractive handicraft items are very popular in south India.

 Different regions of South India has their own unique importance in contributing towards growth of Indian handicraft items


  • KARNATAKA HANDICRAFTS- Crafts of Karnataka portray the unique skills and aesthetic sensibilities and decorative abilities of the craftsperson which have passed on from one generation to the next .The traditional craftsmen in Karnataka do craftsmanship with the use of rosewood and ebony with ivory. The décor ofof Amba Vilas place in Mysore, Seringapatnam mausoleum show the outstanding craftsmanship of this form of craft. The items of daily use are made of the wood inlay item include furniture items, powder boxes, bowls, puja mandaps, wall hangings, etc. The tradition of handicrafts in Karnataka has been religiously followed through centuries.KARNATAKA HANDICRAFTS wooden aih
  • STONE AND IVORY CARVING – When you walk into the temples of Karnataka and you will be bowled over by their stone statues and exquisite ivory work. The most famous work is woodwork. Stone carving is another chief handicraft of South India. Some of them are in filigreed, fretted marble or sandstone. Some of the popular places of stone carvings are Vithala Temple of Karnataka.
    WOODCRAFT Woodcraft of South India has some different styles which are famous across the globe. It is a popular craft in South India because this area is awarded with plentiful forests which are loaded in different varieties of wood. Wooden handicrafts includes items like shaped figurines, attractive pieces, furniture and accessories, utensils, beads, panels and a lot of more.WOODCRAFT- Aih
    SANDALWOOD ITEMS – Karnataka is famous for carvings and gracefully beautiful decorative pieces made from sandal wood handicrafts.
  • SANDALWOOD handicrafts- Aih
  • SILK WEAVING Weaving is a household handicrafts of Karnataka. Cotton sarees which are also popular in Karnataka state are woven in dark earthy colours with heavy maroon or chocolate colours to mark the borders and give them a new bold and beautiful look. You can find  sarees in mat design in white or yellow or in the rudraksh patternas well which looks different when worn and are adorned by the women. The pallu of the saree is usually in alterations of white and red hands with mounts at the two ends, woven either in cotton or in silk fabric. Irkal is a special sari of the state which is made in rich colours like pomegranate, red, peacock blue, parrot green etc. and gives stunning look when worn by the women and refelcets the traditions of the state.



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