Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts – Art of Andhra Pradesh

  • Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Banjara needle work, Budithi brassware, Durgi stone craft, Veena (Musical instrument) manufacturing, Bidri craft, Dokra metal craft, Bronze castings, Kondapalli Toys. Bidri is a particular metal handicraft done in Andhra Pradesh. A particular type of mud from Bidar is used in oxidising and therefore it is called Bidri. Bidri artwork is the work in which different designs are comprised of different patterns and it is being done over the centuries including stars, plants, animals, flowers and other patterns that are contained within cautiously arranged and balanced geometric fields.
    The Budithi Brasswareis also marvellous  craft of the state, which originated in a small village called Budithi. Budithi is known for creating beautiful and differently designed shapes out of alloy. These shapes are available in modern as well antique style.
    The Metal crafts of Pembarthi originated in the small village of Pembarthi, which is nearly one hundred kilometers from Hyderabad. The intricate brass work flourished here during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty.
    The Durgi Stone craft is popular since centuries and beagsn its journey from Durgi, which is situated near Macherla. One can find exquisite pieces of the Durgi stone craft is found in the Nagarjunakonda museum.
    Kondapalli Toys belong to the Kondapalli district of the state and are also known as the Tella Poniki. The toys are generally made up of sawdust, tamarind seed powder, enamel gums and watercolours. These realistic toys are crafted with unique skills by hereditary craftsmen and mostly are in single figures of deities or real life images like boy milking cow, woman cooking etc. Andhra Pradesh is also famnous for its excellent handlooms. Handloom of Andhra Pradesh reflects the sheer colour which has become a world known craft in itself. Bead embroidery is also done  on textiles which is again very famous. They are embellishments on fine fabrics and this type of embroidery is usually done on sarees and blouse pieces. White and coloured beads are usually used on dark and bright shades to bring out the beauty of the bead design. Jangaon is renowned for this craft.
  • Elephants

 These handicraft items not only add a charm to the attractions of the respective state, but also serve as a medium of livelihood to most of the artisans. Handicraft industry is one of the finest industries in South India. Be it a needle craft or bronze casting, metal craft or stone craft – these items are made in a way that you can easily add them in your lifestyle. Your trip to South India is undoubtedly incomplete without getting a glimpse of its beautiful handicrafts which depicts the unbelievable talent of the craftsmen.

  •  Banjara needle work




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