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haryana hanidcrafts


Haryana is one of the states which is known for its aesthetic values.  Haryana Handicrafts are not only popular in India but are exported to all over the world. Haryana state is consists of several tourists spots as well where you can enjoy the pilgrims, scenic beauty and many sanctuaries which are mostly adorned by the children. In Haryana agriculture plays an important role in the life of people in which they face hardships to spare time for crafts. But still, people of Haryana are so efficient and hard working that they make beautiful handicraft items by using their skills and devoting time and energy to make handicraft items looks extensively beautiful.


  • HANDLOOM INDUSTRY – Handloom industry is big in itself. When you visit Haryana you will find amazing handloom items which are so widely spread which reflects the artistic culture of the state. In Haryana, handloom handicrafts are remarkable, unique and elegant which are made by the artisans who create and makes such fabrics which are popular all around the globe. They keep the customs and traditions of state alive by making beautiful and marvelous handloom items which are one of the essential and interesting handicrafts of Haryana state.


  • POTTERY – Pottery making is one of the creative work done by the potters of the Haryana state to create beautiful handcrafted items like pots, toys which looks amazingly beautiful and are easily available at cheaper rates. Potters use clay to make such pottery items in different designs, shapes, and colors to add the beauty to these handicraft items.
    pottery Handicrafts haryana



  • SCULPTURE MAKING – Sculpture making is Haryana is done majorly by the people in villages who put in their lot of efforts and time to create such marvelous and beautiful sculptures which looks so attractive and enhances the beauty of the place where they are kept. Sculptures can be used for home décor to give traditional touch like sculptures of god and goddess, animals and many other things which are not only adorned by the locals but also by the tourists as well.


  • DURRIES – Durries are one of the handicraft items which are very famous in Haryana. It is demanded in foreign markets as well. Durries are special rugs which are manufactured in Haryana by the craftsmen in several geometrical designs and they make these designs on the colored cloth to make them more attractive and spectacular.
    Durries handicraft haryana



  • EMBROIDERY – Embroidery is an art of producing exclusive things by hands or machines to create marvelous shawls or any other type of cloth. Embroidery is done on the fabric or any piece of cloth to make it more beautiful and enhances the value of the fabric. A lot of time and energy is devoted to doing embroidery on shawls which makes you look so elegant and enhances your personality when worn.
    EMBROIDERY handicrafts haryana


  • PHULKARI – Phulkari is another part of Haryana state which is done by the women mostly in the rural areas. They use threads to make beautiful pieces. It is done on fabric with different colored threads to enhance the beauty of the material. It is worn by the women with different styles like with ghagra and choli, with Punjabi suits. Phulkari work takes a lot of time to make one piece of cloth, it is done on different patterns, designs and is adorned and appreciated by the most number of women not only in Haryana but also in national as well as international markets.
    phulkari handicraft Haryana


Haryana is one of the states of incredible India which is full of resources. You will find most of the Haryana population is indulge in agricultural work but besides that lot of manpower is devoted in creating beautiful and exclusive handicraft items which are world renowned and capture the interest of the tourists to make their handicraft industry one of the biggest markets of India.

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