Goa Handicrafts – The Tourist Paradise of Incredible India

goa handicrafts

Goa is the world known tourist spot of India which is enriched with a wide range of Indian Handicrafts where artisans in remote villages create marvelous traditional items which have now captured the commercial propositions. Goa Handicrafts has created a virtual impression on the tourists by their ethnic ambiance and creative field. The art and craft of Goa are also known as Goa handicrafts which have enhanced the glory of the state making it popular all around the globe. When you visit Goa you will find markets all around the beaches and at several places where you can flaunt easily and can get the real feel of the place. When you walk in the streets of Goa you will get attached not only to the beauty of the place but also to the culture of the state which captures the fancies of the tourist as well as locals.


  • COCONUT MASK CARVING – Coconut mask craving is one of the key Goa Handicrafts items of state. Artisans of Goa use their skills to make beautiful and eye-catching coconut mask by doing work on the coconut shells. They create a mask which has got a fresh new look and are adorn by the tourist as well as locals. It is the unique form of art done on the coconut shells and is carved to make masks which involves a lot of time to make such beautiful pieces.
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  • SEASHELL CRAFT – Seashells are mostly found near the beaches and Goa is the place where you will find several beaches. Local artisans of the state make extensive use of the seashells to create beautiful art pieces which are loved by all. They create various types of handicraft items like mirror frames, chandeliers, lampshades, curtains, fashion accessories, coasters and lot more which can be used as home décor items to decorate home in an ethnic way and fashion accessories which are high in demand now days which can be easily carried by girls and women with dresses and gowns to give different look to the personality. Seashell craft is a unique craft created by the artisans of Goa in such a professional way which captures the interest of the tourists as well.
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  • BAMBOO CRAFT – Bamboo craft is one of the oldest art forms. Craftsmen of Goa use their skills to make the beautiful and fine piece of bamboo craft items which can be kept at home to enhance the beauty and also attracts the people who visit your place. Several types of items are made from bamboo like flower pots, baskets, pen stands, furniture, mats etc. You can place lightweight bamboo furniture on your balcony at home or at the office to give the traditional touch. Bamboo craft looks so exclusive when placed well.
  • CROCHET AND EMBROIDERY – Crochet and embroidery work is one of the outstanding work done by the people of Goa. Local artisans of the state do beautiful work on the tablecloth, pillow and cushion covers, garments. They also make exclusive apparels with embroidery on it to give it different look which is admired by the tourists as well as locals.
  • FIBER CRAFT – Fibre craft is another unique art form of Goa. Local people of the state make use of fiber in the different course to make bags, ladies purse, wall hangings, coasters etc. They create such exclusive art pieces which are made by using their skills and techniques.
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  • POTTERY AND TERRACOTTA – Pottery and Terracotta work is running since ancient times. People of Goa make use of clay in such an awesome manner to produce eye-catching handicrafts items which can be used as decorative items to decorate the home and several types of utensils like bowls in floral designs which can be used in daily life. Artisans use artistic designs to create beautiful statues and figurines of animals, god, and goddess, nature which looks extensively beautiful and has high demand in markets.
  • WOOD CARVING – People of Goa are adapting to the new changing world and are constantly involving themselves to create intricate art pieces by using wood. Artisans carve wood in such a beautiful way to produce decorative wooden items like wooden jewelry boxes, pen stands, coasters, mirror frames wooden statues of god and goddess, animals, photo frames etc. Wood carving involves a lot of time, energy, efforts, patience, and skills to produce such items which are admired all around the globe.
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  • BRASS AND METAL WORK – Brass and Metalwork is such a significant artwork which requires special talent and exclusive skills to make such art forms. Artisans of the Goa state use their experience to create marvelous brass and metal items by giving them special forms like brass lamps, candle stands, statues and figurines, hanging oil lamps and a lot more which are popular all around the globe and are liked by the tourists with great interest.

Goa is a state which is full of joy where people come to enjoy, relax and feel the real beauty of India. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations in India. When you visit Goa, you think of visiting beaches, exploring markets, enjoying water sports and the ultimate ambiance of the place. Goa is not only famous for holidays but also for its different handicraft items which are made by the local people which attract the tourists from the whole world and are popular not only in national but in international markets as well.


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