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assam Handicrafts

An Amazing Place to Admire the Beauty of Indian Handicraft

Assam Handicraft is one of the beautiful state of India. It is enriched with the beauty of culture and traditions which is followed by the people of Assam with pure heart. It is truly believed that the art and craft of Assam Handicraft has it’s own unique importance in the field of handicraft. All the art and craft work of the Assam Handicraft is majorly done by the local craftsmen who put in lot of efforts and their skills to make beautiful art products which are world known. You must visit Assam once to admire the beauty of the place and the handicraft work. When you go to the market you will find different variety of art and craft work which is usually made by the most of the women who do this work  and earn living for themselves and their family. Assam Handicraft is very popular for its Tea industry as well. One can see different Tea gardens with so much greenery. Assam is located just below the eastern Himalayas foothills ,so it is surrounded by several states from where so many different variety of tea is produced.

assam handicrafts

The most famous handicrafts of Assam state are :

  • CANE AND BAMBOO PRODUCTS – One of the famous handicraft of Assam is bamboo and cane products which is so uniquely done by the local craftsmen of the state which gives so beautiful look and can be used as a home décor and also for daily utilities like baskets, hats, mats, stool. They also make most attractive furnishing products by using cane. The manufacturing of cane and bamboo products reflects the lifestyle of the people of Assam. Due to its geographical location as it is so much surrounded by the hills and forests and the local artisans has learnt to make efficient use of bamboo and produce different products in their routine life. Craftsmen of Assam also make awesome furniture by using cane and bamboo which is once placed at home will enhance the beauty of the place and makes it very attractive.
    cane & bamboo Assam Handicrafts


  • HANDLOOM AND WEAVING PRODUCTS – Assam is a state which is rich in culture and traditions. In today’s world people of Assam follow their rituals to a proper extent. They do fabulous handloom and weaving work and weave cloths by using cotton and solk named “Pat” and “Muga”. The silk which is used is so soft and fine quality and in golden color which is mostly used. Different type of designing is done on garments as well which makes the cloth look much more attractive. Handloom and weaving industry has gained lot of importance in the handicraft sector. Craftsmen do fabulous art work which is adorned by the tourists who visit the state to admire the beauty of the place and love the art pieces. These lovely art pieces gives ethnic and traditional touch and has great importance in the export Industry.
    Handloom Assam Handicrafts


  • BRASS AND METAL PRODUCTS – Brass and metal products are world famous and are beautiful home décor pieces. You can keep these products to decorate home as everyone want their home to look attractive . These products are part of growing cottage and handicraft industry. Artisans of Assam state create marvellous products such as water pots, dishes, bowls, spoons, statues which are adorned world over. These products has multiple uses. Brass and metal products looks amazingly beautiful as these are most popular and adored home décor products which increase the value of the place and brings in elegance and style and reflects the excellent taste. It gives home or office a unique touch. Metal and Brass products comes in wide variety like different statues and figurines which has their own ethnic look when placed.
    brass buddha statue Assam Handicrafts


  • WOODCRAFT – Woodcraft is one of the amazing art of Assam. Wood is easily available in the state of Assam due to its geographical location, as it is surrounded by many forests. Beautiful wood carving is done by the artisans by using their unique art and craft skills. Carpentry is one of the ancient work of Assam. Timber is mostly used by the artisans to do work in hoses of the royal families. Due to its dark colour it looks so attractive and elegant. Large number of products are produced even for daily purpose which are carved from wood. Engraving on wood is also done in such a manner which makes it so beautiful and are adorned by the large number of people all around the globe. Several products are produced by  the artisans such  as stools, chairs, tables, palki, walking stick and wooden sandals and so on.
    wooden chair Assam Handicrafts


  • POTTERY – Pottery is an amazing art work which reflects the expression of the maker. Artisans who put in all of efforts to create such beautiful products such as toys, household articles, decorating pieces. It is an unique art work which needs creativity and perfection in performing such type of work. Pottery is very famous work which is liked by all the tourists who visit Assam and truly acknowledge by the people due to its awesome look.

pottery Assam Handicrafts

  • TERRACOTTA – Terracotta is another creative art work of Assam. It is a generation business. Craftsmen creates exclusive articles such as different figurines, toys, vessels, statues of God and Goddess which are really appealing and capture the eyes of the tourists. You can find wide variety of articles in Assam state which reflects the culture. Several types of toys are also made in form of mythological figures which brings in positive energy when placed at home . You can feel the warmth of spirituality .
    ASSAM TERRACOTTA Assam Handicrafts


  • MASKS – Masks are different pieces of art work of Assam. These are used for folk dance , tribal dance by the people of Assam. These are so beautifully made by the artisans which can also be used as a decorative item and can be placed at home to give some new look. These masks are very attractive and reflects the culture and traditions of the state. People of Assam wear them on face and perform cultural activities.
    ASSAM MASKS Assam Handicrafts


  • JEWELRY – Jewelry is the utmost thing which is liked by everyone in any style. Assam has its own different creation in terms of jewelry which is now so much in demand by the people all around the globe. Traditional jewelry looks mesmerizing. Most common metal used is gold which is locally available. Tribal jewelry is worn by the girls which gives different look with the dresses also. Gold metal is also used to create unique designs and is adorned by the people. You must visit Assam and find the awesome collection of jewelry pieces.
    traditional necklace Assam Handicrafts



India is full of beauty, traditions, culture and in every state you will find different types of traditions which are followed and truly depict the cultural essence of the respective state. Assam is one of the state which follow all the customs and traditions and use their exquisite skills in making lot of different art and craft items which are popular and admired by people all around the globe. You must visit Assam once to admire the beauty and handicraft of the state.




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